dog days summer blend

Coffee Profile:

Blend Kenya + Java
Proc. Method Washed
Elevation 1400-1750 masl
Varietal Various
Roast Level Light-Medium
Notes Lemon Pound Cake, Brown Sugar, Dried Cranberry

If you are looking for a light, crisp, bright cup of coffee to enjoy during these hot summer days, look no further. Dog Days is our new summer blend and people are loving it. One of our favorite parts is that the name of it has a deep-rooted history that gives life to our namesake — Sirius Coffee Roasters.

Allow us to explain…

The term, ‘dog days of Summer’ is used to describe the hottest, most humid days of the year. The ancient Romans found that these days seemed to begin when the Sirius constellation would rise with the sun. 

Sirius, otherwise known as the “Dog Star” got its name because it showed the brightest within the constellation, Canis Major (Large Dog). Because the star was so bright, the Romans believed that it added heat to the already existing heat produced by the sun — thus creating a period of hot days that we know as the “Dog Days”.

In honor of our namesake, Sirius Coffee Roasters, we put together this Kenya + Java blend called Dog Days. This blend features notes of lemon pound cake, brown sugar, and dried cranberry. This coffee profile brings some of the most iconic flavors from the Kenya and Java regions. 

A note from our roaster, Kevin: Dog Days is technically a Mocha Java blend. Mocha Java is the name of a specific kind of blend. It is one of the oldest blends in coffee history! Any blend of East African coffee and south Asian coffee would be considered a Mocha Java Blend.

This light roast feature is the perfect, bright cup of coffee you need to get through the remaining summer days ahead. 

You can find the Dog Days Summer Blend in any of the Coffee Hound cafes, in select grocery stores, or online! Interested in one of our single-origin coffee offerings? Looking for more? We can hook you up with weekly or monthly coffee subscriptions and have a bag of coffee beans delivered right to your door.